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Aeration Pricing:
Before 2 PM: $49 + GST, w/o cart
After 2 PM: $39 + GST, w/o cart

Course Format Adjustments:
Monday, May 27th- 18 Hole Course Format: Spitzee-Mountainview, with Heritage closed.
Tuesday, May 28th- 18 Hole Course Format: Spitzee-Heritage, with Mountainview closed.

Welcome to Highwood Golf's new tee sheet software powered by Club Unity.

For public play, we encourage all public players to create an account and all tee time bookings should be done through this page. New for 2024, you may make same day bookings! You will find the new software has many nice features, and will be of great benefit when you create your profile.

If you wish to play 18 holes you will need to book two tee times approximately 1hr45min to 2hr apart. The system does NOT automatically book a second round for you.

If you are a Highwood Golf member, your booking details should have been provided by our team. If you have any issues please contact us.